One Village In Kenya

One Well

On November 23rd, 2011 the Ministry of Water and Irrigation conducted a water survey on the church and school property. A substantial aquifer was found 250 meters below the surface. Once the report is received and the drill operators are contacted for their quotes, we will have an exact figure to work with. This project will involve the drilling, installation of an electric pump, which will also require electricity to be run out to the property, along with the installation of a water storage tank. The maintenance and operating costs for the well will be offset as those making use of the water from that source will pay a small fee.

This will be the only water source of its kind in the entire area and will benefit the community greatly. The only currently available water sources are at a considerable distance from the village of Milimani and are not very reliable during the dry season, resulting in long queues. The most important aspect of this project will be how much Emmaus Hill School will benefit from it. This will make drinking water readily available for our students, which, if the school runs all the way up through 8th grade in the future, will be close to 250 children. Meal preparation at the school will also be much easier. Another feature of the well, which should not be overlooked, is that the congregation will be seen as an institution that seeks to uplift the community and glorify their God by assisting the entire area.