One Village In Kenya

One School

As a new school year starts we look back at how far the school has come from a one room school sharing space with the church sanctuary and look ahead now to over 200 students with four temporary (mud and timber) classrooms and two permanent (brick and mortar) classrooms. With the increase in enrollment and need for more teachers the obligation to support them has grown along with it. The Lord has moved many hearts to give cheerfully for as long as they’ve known of this school, and it’s a reason to be very thankful.

9 teachers receive a monthly salary of approximately $50 a month. A head teacher and deputy head teacher combine for close to $250 each month. A security guard receives $30 a month. A monthly obligation of $730/month seems daunting but considering it serves to prepare over 200 young minds and hearts for this life and for eternity, it can also be viewed as quite a bargain.