One Village In Kenya

One Mission

The story of how Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Phoenix Arizona became a sister church to Holy Cross Emmaus Lutheran Church in Milimani Kenya is one that could only be written by God. Learn more about our mission.

One Well

There is a project underway to dig a well for the village of Moi's Bridge. Today, the villagers must walk many miles a day to haul water from the nearest source.

We have completed a survey for a well location. The estimated cost of the project is $18,000. As of July 1st, 2017 we have collected $10,595 in donations towards building a well.

One School

Moi's Bridge - Emmaus Hill School serves over 200 children in their K-8 grade school. The school in Moi's Bridge Kenya is run almost completely through the support of the Church of the Lutheran Confession and by donations from people like you. It costs only $730 to run the entire school for one month. Learn more about the school.